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March 2014

I have been going to Dr. Rand for about a year and a half and could not be more pleased with my results. I had a pretty large tattoo that covered my entire lower back. I got the tattoo 20 years ago (when I was 20). While the tattoo was mostly black ink, there was one particular section with a bit of color. We are still working on that spot and the results are really amazing. Dr. Rand was completely up front about the results I should expect to receive and the amount of time it would take to get these results. I am very impressed that he was right on point with both of these items!

I highly recommend Dr. Rand. He is a professional and knows how to remove tattoos!

E. B.

October 2013

Absolutely, uncategorically, top-notch. I am a physician in NYC, so there were many many options to choose from in terms of finding someone to remove my tattoos, and I did a great deal of research. I decided on Dr Rand and never looked back. I had two large, heavily inked and colored tattoos; one on my back and one on my hip. Both had many tough to eradicate colors (blues, reds, yellows, greens) and the one on my hip was actually a cover up of another heavily inked tattoo. At my first visit, Dr Rand carefully examined each tattoo, accurately and explicitly set out the expectations for what he could achieve with each tattoo, and gave me an up-front, and competitive, price for the work. I liked his honesty, forthrightness, and professionalism and so decided to go with him. His initial predictions, if anything, were on the conservative side. Dr. Rand has worked wonders over time. The one on my back is 100% gone, with no scarring or hypopigmentation. The one on my hip is maybe 90% gone and still making progress. Dr. Rand has acquired the new Picosure laser which is eliminating ink from the hip tattoo that I thought would never go away. It's easy, fast, virtually painless, and heals so quickly after the treatment that I am able to go back as quickly as every two months, though I may not need to come back much longer. Dr. Rand is the consummate professional. Always courteous, prompt, and patient about answering questions and spending time with me. 100% of the time, you see him and only him, and he always performs the tattoo laser removal procedure himself. He is a meticulous and thorough physician, and I trust his professional judgment completely. No physician extenders or nurses doing the technical work. The office is clean, discreet, and pleasant and you get taken in for your scheduled appointment on time. As a physician, these qualities are very important to me. Most importantly, the results I have gotten have been extraordinary. There is no question in my mind that Dr. Rand is the most qualified tattoo removal specialist in the NYC area. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone looking for the best laser tattoo removal experience available.

M.S. MD.

October 2013

Started seeing Dr Rand recently, and (although I can't remember the name of the laser he uses - sure the office can tell you) I have noticed incredible results from the machine he uses, which to my knowledge no other tattoo removal specialist has yet invested in (quite an expensive machine). When I first met Dr Rand, he gave a very clear explanation of what is possible regarding my tattoo and what is not. He explained to me my options (including, of course, seeking other tattoo removal procedures which he cannot provide - like surgically replacing the area with new skin, etc.). He also explained that many other Tattoo removal "specialists" aren't even Doctors...which made me realize why they may be cheaper than him. It's an investment of time and $ to get rid of a tattoo, and considering this is a medical treatment, it's obvious you should pay the couple of bucks extra for the absolute best service. I suppose the same goes for laser eye surgery etc. Every time I enter the office, it's a quick procedure, and a very pleasant experience which I never dread. I'm quickly approaching the last few treatments I will be having, and am actually bummed that Dr Rand only does tattoos; I'd wish he had other services to provide, and considering he's a Dermatologist, maybe I am wrong. You get what you pay for - see a real MD with the best possible machine, so that you can get rid of your ink quickly.


October 2013

I have been a patient of Dr. Rand's for about 1 1/2 years, and I must say, Dr. Rand was a Godsend for me. When I first went to see him I had two tattoos in all, but only chose to start laser treatments on one. I was a bit hesitant in the beginning, even canceling my first appointment, but eventually decided that this needed to be done, and so I went. I am so happy / glad I did! After a few months, and significant fading from the tattoo I did decide to start treatments on, I decided to start the second, final, one as well. I cannot express my gratitude for the fact that I did. These two tattoos weren't just ugly, but they represented some painful past memories to me; memories of which really bogged me down emotionally. Well, needless to say, I can now more easily forget those memories, seeing as they are not etched into my skin!

I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Rand. He is personable and friendly and always follows professional protocol. Over the time we have known each other, we have actually struck up a bit of a friendship! I have had to see a few doctors over the past year, and I can tell you that none of them are my friends. But Dr. Rand is different. He and I discuss films, music, nature, whatever... it's always a pleasant visit.

Recently, Dr. Rand started using a new laser technology to treat my fading tattoos, and honestly, the work this thing does is astonishing. It blows the claims that "tattoos are permanent" RIGHT out of the water. I am literally seeing the ink disappear before my eyes. Those on here who wrote reviews complaining of the time it takes to remove tattoos should consider the fact that what Dr. Rand is doing is not magic. It takes time and patience (which, with the new laser is now slashed in half) and is something that takes a little longer than the short span of time it took to get the tattoo in talks of removing. I had been told in the past that I would have to live with two tattoos I got when I was 16. Well, that is just not true.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Rand.


November 2013

I've been going to Dr. Rand for two years and I've always found both him and his staff to be very helpful, friendly, and professional. I had a black ink tattoo on my leg that is now pretty much gone. When I first met Dr. Rand at my initial consultation he set out a plan for removing my tattoo that I found to be entirely accurate. I found Dr. Rand online and decided to try his services because of his 20 years of experience exclusively removing tattoos. He recently added a highly innovative pico laser that gives amazing results very quickly. I highly recommend Dr. Rand to all of my friends looking to remove unwanted tattoos.

B. E.

October 2013

Dr. Rand is a terrific tattoo removal specialist, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to have a tattoo, or more than one, removed. He is extremely professional, and a real sweetheart, also. I have been seeing him since he's been using new laser technology, and am amazed at how quickly and efficiently the new process removes unwanted ink. The new laser technology alone is a selling point, really. Dr. Rand explained in detail why the new laser is so effective, but I really can't remember the technical speak. Regardless, the pain is virtually non-existent and besides, so worth it considering I'd rather have my tattoo gone.

I would say to anyone that is interested in removing unwanted ink, Dr. Rand is most definitely the doctor to see. As others have said in their reviews, he has probably done the most tattoo removal procedures of any other doctor in NYC.

His assistant is a sweetheart also, but reserved and soft-spoken. Don't be deterred or put off by her shyness, because she really is a nice woman. They both really are interested in removing tattoos in the most cost-effective, efficient way, and with the least amount of pain. Overall, I recommend!

K. M.

April 2012

Dr. Rand is a class act. He is a Board Certified Dermatologist who focuses only on laser tattoo removal - not some hack who doesn;t know what (s)he is doing. His NYC laser tattoo removal office is clean and outfitted with state of the art laser tattoo removal machines. If you are serious about wanting to get rid of your tattoo -he is the doctor to do it. Sure he is more expensive than a skettchy clinic but you get what you pay for - and what I paid for was to have my ink removed, He removed it. I could not be happier.

M. B.

April 2012

Dr. Rand was the only tattoo removal doctor that I went to that told it to me straight. He has performed more laser tattoo removals than any other doctor out there - and trust me - you don't want to go to some weird tattoo removal center that has cosmtologist trying to laser off your tattoo - they made mine worse! I found him on Google and his website offered the most percise infomtation out there. His website really prepared me for what to expect. He is knowledgable and his pricing was fair. It took 5 sessions to remove my tattoo - he has really high tech lasers that really do get rid of your tattoo. If you are serious about removing your tattoo - Dr. Rand is your guy.

O. B.

July 2011

Dr. Rand is trustworthy and straight to the point. I went to his NYC office to get rid of a tattoo that I got one on McDougal Street in NYC. I did a lot of research on laser tattoo removal specialists all around the boroughs and ended up going to Doctor Rand's laser tattoo removal center because he has performed the most laser tattoo removals in America! The Doctor only focuses on laser tattoo removal and a lot of my friends in Brooklyn went to to him to get their tattoo removed. My friends kept on telling me that he was the best. They were right! I have no scar what so ever and I am glad I selected him as my tattoo removal doctor. :)

D. T.

July 2011

I had laser tattoo removal at the tattoo removal doctor's NYC office starting about 4 months ago. I got a job in corporate america and just felt that the color tattoo - a butterfly- on my ankle was unprofessional. I met Doctor Rand at his NYC office (easy to get to via the subway - I took the 6 and got off at 31st). The Doctor comes across as very knowledgeable and likable. He examined my tattoo and told me realistically what to expect and how many laser tattoo removal treatments I would need. The Doctor also showed me the laser tattoo removal machine. Well, four months later and my tattoo is gone! The laser tattoo removal treatments don't hurt and are pretty quick. His Manhattan Laser Tattoo Removal is nice and the nurse is quite friendly. His pricing was right too. Dr. Rand is a tremendously experience laser tattoo removal doctor and has performed the most laser tattoo removal in NYC. If you have a tattoo that you want to get rid of he will do right by you. Cheers, Dr. Rand - Thank you.

D. B.

June 2011

I've had five treatments so far with Dr. Rand and am extremely pleased with my results. Most of the tattoo has completely faded and there is zero scarring. When I first researched places to get this procedure done, there were two things that were at the top of my list: experience and results. Dr. Rand walked me through the process from our first meeting as to what the cost will be, what kind of result I can expect and how long the process takes. Every question I had was answered before my first procedure. The experience has been a pleasure, a good investment and could not be more convenient for me. If you're looking to consider this for yourself, check our his website. Dr. Rand is a true specialist and the only one, through my research, that focuses exclusively on laser tattoo removal. If you want results, give him a call.