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Before and After Sample Photos of Dr. Rand's Patients

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Testimonial #1

I highly recommend Dr. Rand if you need to get a tattoo removed. He has removed two of my tattoos over the past year. One was a very large and detailed design that covered my entire shoulder. The other was a smaller and less detailed design on my back. Both were done in black ink. The tattoo on my back has been completely removed and the one on my shoulder may need one more treatment. In total, I've had ten treatments.

Dr. Rand is the type of doctor that will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. I went to several doctors when I was "shopping" for a tattoo removal doctor and Dr. Rand was the only one that seemed to be very straight forward and honest with me. The others tried to sell me on the procedures and baited me with "this will only take 5-6 sessions" and "if you pay upfront you will get X% off." Dr. Rand gave me a very honest and personal medical assessment based on my individual tattoos. It wasn't a cookie cutter pitch like the other doctors. I would much rather have a doctor give me the hard and honest truth than one who will tell me what I want to hear and roll the dice.

Dr. Rand was always very cordial and friendly. We oftentimes spent 5-10 minutes after my treatments talking about a few similar interests that we share. We even exchanged a few books to read between treatments.

I am very satisfied with the removal of my tattoos and I would highly recommend Dr. Rand if you need to get a tattoo removed. Some other doctors may be a few bucks cheaper but you will get what you pay for. My line of thinking was this - "I was stupid to get the tattoos in the first place. I don't want to make the situation worse. I'll spend the few extra bucks to have it removed by the best."

I have also referred several others to Dr. Rand and they have also expressed their satisfaction with him as well.

Testimonial #2

Professional, knowledgeable and courteous - highly recommend! I've had five treatments so far with Dr. Rand and am extremely pleased with my results. Most of the tattoo has completely faded and there is zero scarring. When I first researched places to get this procedure done, there were two things that were at the top of my list: experience and results. Dr. Rand walked me through the process from our first meeting as to what the cost will be, what kind of result I can expect and how long the process takes. Every question I had was answered before my first procedure. The experience has been a pleasure, a good investment and could not be more convenient for me. If you're looking to consider this for yourself, check our his website. Dr. Rand is a true specialist and the only one, through my research, that focuses exclusively on laser tattoo removal. If you want results, give him a call.

Testimonial #3

With great emphasis I would like to share with others my most pleasant and well spent visits I have had with Dr. Rand and his staff. First and foremost, I should probably give a brief synopsis of why I went to Dr. Rand. Well of course, for tattoo removal, but not just the procedure of "laser tattoo removal". But for the best guy in the world for the job!!

I am 33 years old and at the young and rebellious age of 16 I decided to get two tattoos. I was really going for the gusto and got them only three months apart. Well it was not even three months later I realized the grave mistake I had made and how ashamed I was of what I had done to my body. I wanted them removed back then but did not know where to go to get the best treatment and I was also under the impression that the treatments would not be successful.

I actively started pursuing treatment options and doctor's in my area. I jumped on Google and found Dr. Rand amongst a few other offices offering laser tattoo removal. I had one meeting with Dr. Rand and was immediately confident in his skill set, experience and his ability to remove my tattoo's safely.

WOW!!! That is the only word I can describe for the results. I have never had one problem during treatment or after treatment and my results are astounding. As a matter of fact, other physicians I know now refer business to Dr. Rand because he is clearly so highly skilled in his unique field of medicine.

I can not say enough kind words to describe his very sensitive and meticulous bedside manner. He is thorough pretreatment, during treatment and post treatment. He is reasonable and super honest.

Bottom line, I am super picky and he is the best in the industry and that says a lot coming from a person who prides herself on research. I have no scarring and no more tattoos. His assessment was precise of my results and I cannot be more pleased. Look no further he is the man for the job and thank you so much Dr. Rand because you changed my life forever!!

Testimonial #4

I have had several sessions with Dr. Rand to have tattoos removed from my right forearm.I began researching tattoo removal methods after graduating college and realizing my tattoos my hold me back from achieving my goals in a relatively conservative industry. I had several consultations with multiple dermatologists who offered an array removal procedures, none of which leaving me with a confident enough feeling to return and commit to the cost and inconclusive results I might receive. After having my consultation with Dr. Rand, I felt that this was the right decision to make after viewing previous clients results and the viewing of the facilities.

A lot of places that say that they specialize in laser tattoo treatments have people working with very dangerous equipment that they are not properly trained to work with. Dr. Rand is responsible and administers all of the procedures himself.

After my first few treatments I had already had one of the two tattoos completely removed with absolutely no skin discoloration or scaring. The second tattoo I am in the process of removing is significantly larger and includes multiple colors and have had great progress in the tattoos removal. I have nothing but good things to say about the tattoo removal center and it's staff and would highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about having their tattoo removed.

The only thing you have to remember when committing to a process like this that it is exactly that..."a process" One which requires patience and time. But with patience comes great results.

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