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NYC Tattoo Removal Specialist Dr. Rand

Jeffrey L. Rand, MD is founder and director of The Tattoo Removal Center, a unique private practice in Manhattan, NYC dedicated exclusively to laser tattoo removal. Dr. Rand is a board certified dermatologist and a nationally recognized tattoo removal expert with over 20 years of medical laser experience. He created The Tattoo Removal Center to dedicate his private practice exclusively to helping people remove their unwanted tattoos, and to specialize specifically in this procedure.

Dr. Rand’s practice is devoted 100% of the time to laser tattoo removal.

Dr. Rand’s practice is unique because:

  • Dr. Rand is the only doctor in New York City who specializes only in laser tattoo removal.
  • Dr. Rand has performed over 30,000 laser tattoo removal treatments since 1995.
  • Dr. Rand personally performs all laser tattoo removal treatments.
  • Dr. Rand’s patients travel from all over the United States to have him remove their tattoos.
  • Patients have trusted Dr. Rand to remove their tattoos since 1995.

The Tattoo Removal Center is not a laser franchise, medical spa, or cosmetic office with multiple procedures performed. There are no nurses, physician assistants, laser technicians or cosmetologists in white coats treating patients. There are not even other doctors treating his patients.

That’s because Dr. Rand consults and treats each patient personally. He is the right doctor with a combination of proper experience, expertise and technique, and does not trust anyone else with his valued patients. After an examination of their skin and their ink, Dr. Rand has a frank discussion with each patient regarding their goals and what is realistically achievable.

It’s important to note that not all tattoos can or should be treated. Some tattoos can be lightened substantially. Some tattoos can be treated to the point where they are almost indistinguishable from normal skin. For more information, please visit our FAQ page.

Over 30,000 treatments performed by Dr. Rand. One patient at a time.

After the consultation, if there is a basis for treatment and mutual agreement, Dr. Rand will utilize advanced laser technology and leverage his experience in selecting the proper laser parameters for maximum safety and comfort.

Dr. Rand is totally focused on this one procedure, and on each patient individually. This allows him to help his patients get through the course of treatment and give them the best possible results.

Dr. Rand treats motivated patients who are serious about removing their tattoos.

Dr. Rand’s new patients are usually referred by other satisfied patients, or by doctors familiar with his work who want to ensure that their patients are treated safely and effectively. Dr. Rand also sees patients referred for second opinions.

Dr. Rand treats patients young and old. Single or multiple tattoos. Small tattoos and large tattoos. Amateur tattoos and professional tattoos. Older tattoos and newer tattoos. Tattoos located on the ankle, wrist, groin, back or just about anywhere.

Dr. Rand’s patients are very serious about removing their tattoos for either personal or professional reasons, and they understand the importance of being treated by an experienced doctor who specializes in this procedure. To learn more, please schedule a private consultation at The Tattoo Removal Center. Dr. Rand can examine your tattoo and inform you regarding your tattoo removal options.

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